1. What if Jamie (the TWS Editor) finds out I’m giving whoever this other photographer is trouble? Well I mean I’m not actually doing anything wrong honestly but I don’t wanna fuck shit up connections wise if I don’t have to. But at the same time I don’t want to feel like I don’t have the right to post my photo. It’s not like the other photographer was there when I was shooting it or that they had all planned on toing the photo before me. Idk yo



  2. Maybe I’ll just take it down or rather make it private on tumblr and make my insta private until they post their version of the photo. It’s pro better anyhow.



  3. So as some of you know that follow me and skate, I took a photo of this kid Taylor who rides for Politic Brand recently. My homie Drew was filming him do a line and the last trick in the line was switch wallie. So I set up my lights and shot photos and he did a few for me with our drew in the frame. 

    Now a few days have passed and apparently he’s telling me to take down the photo because he got a photographer from Trans World to take it. In fact he didn’t even ask me directly, he hit up my homie Drew and told him to tell me. So I saw Drew today at the park and even he was like “Idk what’s good with this kid”. We’re both talking about how silly and rude it is for him to tell me I can’t post my photo anymore. 

    Long story short I’m not taking my photo down (unless maybe Jonathan tells me it would probably be a good idea to do so) but idk. If anyone has some advice I’d be down to listen?

  4. Just got home to this wonderful package.

    Big ups to Couch Guitar straps for this sick seat belt camera strap. 

    Idk I think it’s pretty rad. 

  5. skateparkpiracy:

    Some really cool artists I like a lot. 

    This is factual.

    (via zwagr)

  6. Last weekend I borrowed 16 1:2.8 D Fisheye lens form school and got a few photos of Drew and Andre doing wallrides. This weekend I’m borrowing the 85 1:1.8 G lens to see what happens. Probably gonna try to borrow something new every weekend that I have at least one day off from work.

  7. Andre Serrano - Wallride | Fall 2014

  8. Treated myself to some goods today. 

  9. Vladik Scholz - FS Tailslide for RedBull | Summer 2014

    Video Here

  10. New addition to the family!

    Side note: I hand held this at 1/10th of a second so I’m feeling proud.