1. My new web store is up and running on Society6! 

    Even if you can’t purchase anything it would still be amazing if you could take a look and perhaps tell someone who’d be interested! 

    This site allows me to sell digital prints (includes scanned negatives) in a variety of sizes high quality paper, stretched canvas and T-shirts. There are some other options as well and if anyone wants something customized (their name on it, a color photo in black and white etc.) just send me a direct message here or to my email (ming.domenic@gmail.com) and I’ll happily talk to you about it. 

    Also, free shipping!


  2. Fuck yeah, I’d really appreciate that man! vxvision

    Is there a specific photo you’d like me to make available? 


  3. Setting up an online store for my prints! 

  4. Angel blasting an Ollie over this rail



  5. plot twist: i actually died many years ago this is just a queue 

    (Source: plazm, via switchmallgrab)

  6. Justin not landing an Ollie

  7. Angel gave chinatown some really good dedicated tries at a hard flip. He came really close but then Justin (filmer) had to dip so he’s saving this banger for another day.

    I shot this with a 110mm lens (similar to a 50mm in small format) but I feel it looks as if I used a 75mm tilt/shift lens because of the focusing on the trees. Strange I’m going to look more in to this. 

  8. Liam filming an ollie at Washington Square 


  9. mingmingphotography:

    Should be picking up a roll of B & W 120 film today. If I have time to go to school and scan I’ll post a few.

    I’m also working on a project with this homie from California on skitching.

    For sure! It’s going well! Cant wait to see how it turns out. We should be shooting tomorrow again after another shoot I set up with Iris. You’re free to come through dawg. daniidude

  10. Sneak peak at a new series I’m working on with a friend of mine visiting from California. A series where we photograph people skitching. He’ll also be making a skate video on a few skaters. I’ll have a very small part in it.