1. Digital test shot of Alison

    Brooklyn, NY


  2. Fernando and I sharing his house and shooting girls while his family visits Mexico for the week. 

    Having a another shoot today. I’ll post photos when I get them developed and scan them at school!

  3. Messing around on Matt’s roof two nights ago.

    Got some Profoto heads and took loads of photos with Pat, both Drew’s, Ciro, Devin, Sukpreet, Mike, Claire and myself.

  4. Matt and Brock.

  5. Ian and his homie that’s visiting from Germany. both dudes kill it man. 

  6. Met this lovely couple today.


  7. Anyone available for a Bed Stuy Brooklyn rooftop shoot this sunday after 4:00 pm?

    If so HMU!

  8. Alonzo in Front of Some Art,


  9. Ian nose grind

  10. Ian - nose grind, ollie up to qucik gap back lip