1. thewarlockden said: Hey man, your photo of Devin was fucking rad. The location, the trick and the exposure itself culminated into some badassery. That shit was tight dawg!

    Thanks a lot homie! 

    I’m guessing you know him from back in California. 


  2. I can’t believe that last photo even got more than ten notes??

  3. Poop photo but a photo nonetheless since I haven’t been uploading. 

    Devin Wallie in LES,



  4. My school (Walter) is working on getting them to hurry up and fix the scanners. I hope they do it before the pile up of work gets too intense for me to have time to scan. 


  5. So I got a bunch of film processed and I expecting to scan it the same day at school. Got to the school cage all excited and asked Walter for the scanner. Walter looks at me and tells me the computers the scanners are installed on are offline till the school is done updating the soft and hardware. I’m really upset about this. I haven’t been shooting digital so I have nothing to show for a while. 


  6. maryjane-senpai said: your blog is fucking dope!

    You thanks a lot mane!

    Really appreciate it. 

  7. Selfie from the other day.

  8. Vladik Scholz


  9. Today was fun. Started a bit rough but Vlad got some clips for Red Bull.

  10. Digital test shot of Alison

    Brooklyn, NY