1. Ciro wallride

    Low Angle Vs. High Angle

    Which is better?


  2. Anonymous said: I saw you on the train today!

    Sick, should have said hey! :]


  3. "The camera and lens don’t make the photo, the photographer does"
    — Some idiot on Flickr not knowing that the lens, camera, film, and light are all incredibly important variables in how a photo turns out.

  4. I replaced the photo of Julia with a slightly better one because I don’t like the other one. 

  5. Preview of my shoot today with Julia.


  6. Anonymous said: what kinda film do you use for black and white

    Ilford HP5 400 (sometimes rated at 800)

    T-max 100 at 400 (beautiful contrast) 

    Ilford Fp4 Plus 125 (fave)


  7. Anonymous said: where did you learn about how to take photos

    Sorry Idk how old these messages are I left my house but:

    Initially self taught but now I go to school for it. But I still am teaching everything to myself tbh. The only things I learn from school relate to film not digital or flashes. Not till next semester. 

    If you’re thinking of starting go for it dude. 

  8. Zeke - Front Nose in Downtown Manhattan,



  9. Anonymous said: do you live in new york?

    Yeah, Brooklyn


  10. Anonymous said: how long have you been shooting?

    Around three years